Sunday, August 17, 2008

School Buses and Blood Marys

School starts in a week. The bus will pick Victoria up at the end of the driveway and Zoe and I will spend our days juicing tomatoes for a winter's worth of spaghetti sauce and bloody marys. Our tomatoes are growing like mad. We harvest about ten pounds a day. Hooray! We grew Striped German, Brandywine, Green Zebra, Amish Paste, and Black Krim. I think we'll try a different black variety next year. The Striped Germans are now a yearly tradition and the Brandywines are really the best tasting, ugliest tomato in the world. I need a good red heirloom tomato that renders a lot of juice. I may have this all figured out by the time Zoe heads off on the school bus.

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  1. I want some!!!

    Tell Tori that I am proud of her!


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