Friday, January 9, 2009

what i saw

I have a house that looks like a bomb was dropped on it, and I'm back in the car for five hours this afternoon to fetch my lovely teenage son from a town far away, so I'm making a list for your reading pleasure.

What I saw:

The Big Indian; Pocahontas, Iowa
The Flynn Grocery Store; Cheap Liquor and Cigarettes (now closed)
A Man With His Name On His Belt; Fred
More white milky covered salads than I imagined there would be; macaroni and cheese, lettuce and cheese, marshmallows with green flecks and cheese, cold potato salad with cheese, broken spaghetti with cheese, green and red jello with cheese.....
A priest that mispronounced the deceased name....twice
Said priest sat across from me at the 'dinner of white salads' and proved that he was not only lazy, but also quite dull and void of personality. (I really wanted him to be interesting.)
The stations of the cross in 3D plaques hung around the perimeter of the church. Jesus bleeding at the front of the sanctuary. Who. Me? Disturbed? NOoooooooooo.
The room where President Bush stayed in 1987. Same bedspread.
Ice Cream Capital of The World. The museum.
Midwest Christian Home for Children; we came home with the same children we left with.
Where Giant Windmills are Built
And.....twelve hours in the car with the kids.
We had a fine, entertaining, nice trip.

I'm so glad to be home.