Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break here in Reality

My kids are sick. Tori's been S.I.C.K since Sunday. Zoe is almost over it, but it started on Saturday. We've missed swimming lessons, church, yoga and a weeks worth of fun spring break stuff like afternoon movies and slow walks to the park. And yes, I am feeling quite sorry for myself. I feel sorrier for the girls. They are going stir crazy and Tori's nose is very chapped. Oh, and now I've got the creeping week long crud, and I am hoping that it doesn't mean more missed swimming lessons, church, yoga, and the rare chance I have this coming Saturday to clean out the garage. My house looks like a Kleenex bomb hit it. Sick five years olds don't care where their dirty tissues land. We've been into the play dough, crayons, glue, and had breakfast in the last hour. And it's early, folks. Mommy wants to lay down. 

I was thinking of calling in sick, but then I remembered that there is no such option. 


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