Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Lamb Farm

Mom's Club went to the Lamb Farm. The kids got to feed baby lambs. Zoe was beside her self with joy. It was delightful. What was most delightful (for me), was the part where the owner of the lamb farm opened up her freezer and I bought ground lamb and lamb chops and lamb steaks.....oh my. More to come on that later. I'm thinking Lamb Sliders on Sourdough buns drizzled in a mint rosemary sauce with a side of spicy radish and beet slaw over roasted asparagus. Yes. I was thinking that when this picture was taken. I'm a carnivore.
The meat (and lovely lamb feeding kid delighting farm experience) came to us courtesy of Pavelka's Point, Inc. Lois Pavelka was our hostess. Their meat can be found at most local farmers markets around here.

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