Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chickens need a house, too.

And this is the chicken coop that will soon be in our backyard. The little girls are So Excited. This time next year, we'll have three awkward adolescent clucking wonders pecking around their new home.

For more information about the chicken movement in Madison, check out http://www.madcitychickens.com/

Here are a few really dumb reasons that people are trying to oppose the Cedar Rapids chicken movement.

Avian Flu



Hatred towards Happiness

I can't do anything about that last one, but avian flu doesn't hit small flocks (certainly not a flock of three), no one in their right mind would try to keep a rooster in town and they are the noisy ones, and a chicken can't make more of a smell than a dog. Which brings me to the next thing on my list. If I can't have three chickens in my yard as pets, then I also shouldn't be able to have three large, barking, pooping, maniac dogs as pets. Hmmm.....

I don't think the complainers will show up to complain out loud. They just make anonymous comments here and there on The Gazette website. Chickens.


  1. I'm in SE Cedar Rapids and can't wait for chickens! We have a huge garden and need some bug eaters. My blog is http://www.create-play-homeschool.blogspot.com If you get your coop up I would love to see how it works out for you.

  2. Hi, Rachel. I love the coop design that you picked out. Are you ordering it from the gentleman in Madison or are you making it yourself? It will look great in your Bever Park neighborhood.

    Thanks for the link to my blog. I'll keep it up-to-date with "chicken information". Take care and have a great weekend!


  3. I'm making it myself. I've looked around at premade coops and they are running at about the price of a used Honda. Plus, I have grand plans for a matching garden shed with an attached greenhouse. Winter or not...I insist on living outside! :)


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