Thursday, May 7, 2009

here, the charlie doesn't creep. it sprints.

Well, the garden is growing. My pepper plants are two inches tall, the tomato seedlings are nestled snug in my dirt-bed, and the basil has started to show tiny green signs of life. I should be lounging in my outdoor living room sipping green tea and enjoying the peace and quiet. But no. I'm picking creeping charlie out of my coreopsis moonbeam. I'm pulling creeping charlie off of the borders of my front garden. I'm throwing armload after armload of creeping charlie in the yardy in an attempt to remove it from the premises. Today, I filled the fire pit with it. But then I couldn't find the lighter fluid. Probably better. I was pissed, so who knows what would have ended up on fire. Oops. There goes the porch swing.

Anyway, 11 years of chemical free lawn has its disadvantages. Last years creeping charlie put the world out to its out of town relatives that our place is very friendly and they've all immigrated. Seriously. I wish it was edible.

OK, I'm headed back out to pull some more weeds.

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  1. Ah, but it IS edible my dear friend.
    Add to salads for peppery taste.


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