Monday, June 29, 2009

The Chickens are my back yard

We finally got to see Mad City Chickens yesterday at Indian Creek Nature Center. It was a good time. I recommend it if you are considering adopting a few hens as pets. I also recommend it if you think that's a stupid idea.

The filmmakers were there, too. The project took three years and they say they have enough extra footage for a sequel.

Here's the thing; I'm not much for those Humane Society tear jerker ads full of shocking footage of bald, starving cats. I'm sorry that any animal ever has to suffer, but really, I'm thinking the starving children in Iowa probably take precedence. I admit that the story of Consuela, the rescued "spent hen" found at the dump in Waterloo had me by the throat. "Some of the chickens they gas don't die." This was the explanation given by the person at the dump when questioned by Consuela's rescuers.

So, not only are those anemic, sad little thin shelled cheapo grocery store eggs not as GOOD as the real eggs from happy backyard chickens, but they come from hens that are pretty much tortured until they stop laying, and then gassed to death right before the "farmers" drop their bodies off at the city dump. Oh. Yum.

I was already a little inclined to go behind the city zoning people's backs, build my little coop and adopt three chickens next spring. Now that the husband and kids are fully on board, I'm unstoppable.



  1. I am right with you. I missed the screening, out of town. But my families on board and we start building the coop early spring. Do you know what hens you are looking at?

  2. I want a Delaware Blue! I also want one with the huge plume of feathers on its head. I think you have to order chicks in boxes of 20+, which poses a problem. Three chickens I can sneak by with. But 20? Really. I'm going to ask around. We have a chicken connection in southern Iowa that may prove useful. I'll keep you updated. :)

  3. If you want someone to go in on an order with you I'd be happy to. Are the ones with the feathers on their heads Polish hens? I just saw some at the Seed Savers Farm in Decorah. They are awesome!


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