Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tomato class at New Pi

I'm going back in for another marathon cooking class at New Pi. The Asparagus class went so well that I couldn't resist spending two hours talking about tomatoes. I get to wear a head set with a microphone, like the Sham-Wow guy. Of course, that means that the "students" can hear me muttering to myself. It also means I don't lose my voice by the end of class.

I'm working on what to cook. I think Bruchetta Salad is a must. Rainbow BLT's can't be left out. Especially considering the victory that was recently won by Iowans on the gay marriage front. I may try to pull off the veggie red sauce in honor of Tori and Zoe; they love it! We'll be talking about dirt, and seeds, and why grocery store tomatoes are a definite Turn Off.

I Heart Tomatoes.

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