Friday, October 23, 2009

Taste of India Misunderstanding

I love to eat at Taste of India!
We went last night. It makes me truly happy. Seriously thrills me. The smell is divine. I love to sit and wait for my food, just concentrating on the smells.

I get so very confused when anyone disagrees with me about how wonderful their food is. It happened over lunch this week at Phong Lan (another favorite place to eat...more on that later.)

I now understand what the problem is.

I only eat there at night. I've never had their buffet. The folks that disagree with my assessment of Taste of India as the only place in town to get food from the heavens have (so far) only eaten lunch there. I think supper must be a different deal. I always order my food "medium" and Highlander gets his "spicy." It makes his eyes sweat. This cracks me up.

Last night, my head felt like it was glowing for hours after we left. I wish they could send smells through their website.
We brought home left overs and Highlander forgot to take them to work with him this morning...lucky me!

Eat there at night! And don't ask for your food "mild." Especially if you look like an Iowan. The waitress always looks at me and then assumes I'd like my food to be completely lacking in flavor. It's racist. I'm working my way up to "spicy." Not bad for a redheaded chick from the land of cream of mushroom soup based casseroles.

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