Thursday, November 19, 2009


We have tee shirts! Head to the CLUC facebook page to find out how to get yours. If you live in Cedar Rapids, CLUC expects to see you at the next council meeting dressed in egg-yolk yellow. Got Eggs??

Our groundswell (as requested by council member Monica Vernon) is sure swelling. The facebook page has been up for exactly one week and we have 325 fans.

Did you know that you can breed pit bulls in your backyard here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa but you can't yet have 6 hens? Hmmmm.......

Here's a few other things that most folks don't seem to know;

Roosters crow. Hens do not. Ever. A hen has never crowed in the history of the world. I promise.

The poop from a hen is useful as garden compost. The poop from a dog needs to be sealed off in plastic and taken to the landfill. It's toxic. And while we are talking poop....5 hens create as much as one 25 pound dog.

You don't need a rooster on site to get a hen to lay an egg.

If you don't have a rooster on site, there will never ever ever be a baby chick in your omelet. I promise.

Hens do less to attract rats and raccoons than your open trash bin does. Let's ban trash.

Hens don't want to run away. They like it at home. If they get loose, they'll be headed back to the coop at sundown. They have no desire to be out in the world when it gets dark.

My lovely children have asked if they can go to the meeting to see the people who are going to vote about whether or not we get to have chickens in the spring.

I said yes.

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