Wednesday, December 2, 2009

they keep it a secret until it's too late.

My kid is sick. Along with everyone else's I suppose. She puked every twenty minutes from 9:00 last night until 3:00 this morning. Some kids will puke in the bucket. Mine won't. She likes to throw her six year old body about the room in a zombie-like fit while hollering, "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!!!!!!" over and over. I respect the fact that even in the midst of severe physical trauma, she is outraged enough to ask the really big philisophical questions.....however, I ran out of antibacterial wipes, washcloths, pajamas (hers and mine) blankets, sheets (top and bottom) and she is now laying on a big towel under two more big towels in one of my tee shirts and her last clean pair of underwear. And she's pissed because the washing machine will only wash so fast.....

I officially send this humble plea out into the universe: Please Please Please don't let the other one catch this bug and Please Please Please let my eleven year old washing machine make it through this challenge and into the new year.

Zoe just brought me something small and brown. "Mommy what is this?"

It is poop.

I have no idea.

I have to go now.



  1. I hope things have calmed down a bit at your house and your girls are feeling better. Let me know if you need something from the store! I'll be glad to help. Hang in there, Rachel. Rebecca

  2. Oh noooo, I remember those days, and they seem like yesterday. My son would do the same thing, waaay across the room, and just fall into my arms...thank goodness he is 22 and doing it in his own apartment at college, well, lets hope he does not get a bug at all...

    another mom who can relate...


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