Tuesday, April 20, 2010

End Times

I keep getting these posts that pop up on my little face book account. "Our Food Is Killing Us." and "The Organic Manifesto" followed by how evil Monsanto is, and how buying conventionally grown produce and feeding it to your children is sterilizing them. I can't solve any of that. But I can react to all that the way I react to the show, "Hoarders; Buried Alive." I just clean up my own house.

We put in two 4x8 raised gardens this weekend. There was swearing, bleeding, arguing, and meandering trips to the wrong landfill that took up half the day. But they are in. They are full of compost and dirt and ready to be planted this afternoon. Zoe wants to grow purple carrots. We'll do it the organic way. Not the perfect way, but we won't spray them with anything that will sterilize her. I hope.

It seems the time I spend sitting on my bright blue porch swing used to be more about relaxing than worrying. Now I look at my yard and wonder if I need to put a privacy fence in to keep my neighbors from seeing my illegal chickens. Which I am still to chicken to get. I wonder if Chem Lawn blows across the street and contaminates my hot peppers. I sit and silently hate my neighbors complete lack of regard for my clothesline. Tree Trimming Services? Ever heard of 'em? I have random anxiety about volcanic activity. Watching the movie 2012 by myself in the middle of the night did not help matters. That meteor that fell all over us the other night? I won't even start....

I just hope the end of time can wait until after my next tomato harvest.

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