Thursday, April 22, 2010

Makes the hair on my head stand straight up.

Well, that may not be quite valid. My hair is always sticking straight up...

Anyway, I just saw this little bit of news. Seems Alice Waters (foodie/locavore queen) is pondering a TV show on PBS. She's a purist. No compromise. Local food in schools? That was her idea. She has a farm to table program at a middle school in Berkley to prove it. Food issues seem so clear cut with her. She says that good food is a good investment. I think she makes a valid point. Which is why I cringe when I hear even the most well-to-do of my aquaintances complaining about what it costs to join a CSA or buy really good heirloom tomatoes at the farmers market. I say, "Look at a carrot seed. Put one in your hand and really stare at it for ten seconds. Now hold up that purple carrot you just paid seventy five cents for. How did the seed turn into the carrot? Well, it was a miracle. And a farmer worked their tail off for it. It's seventy five cents!" See, now I'm Rush Limbaugh....quoting myself.

Yes. The show. Alice Waters is to food what Martha Stewart is to home-making. I can't wait.

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