Sunday, April 11, 2010


has been made.

The dog's gate is fixed, seven bags of mulch have been spread in his "area." I got groceries, donated a backseat full of stuff to Goodwill, and put gas in the car.

Our dear sweet little girls will be back home in three hours and I must clean up around here a bit in order to maintain the illusion of control. I did the family budget for the year (yes. I am a nerd.) and we are spending more on food starting May 1. Boring? Or Revolutionary. Hm....

Also, we got number one daughter's pictures back and this is my favorite one. They are all really good. I do not have permission to put her picture on the Internet. But for the record, I am willing to ask for forgiveness if necessary.

That was all just a really long prelude to the only thing that's really on my mind today;

It's good to be Rachel.



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