Friday, April 9, 2010

This is proof that I lived through the night.

And woke up hungry for spaghetti. I haven't had the real, old fashioned, fever/body ache flu in years. We seem to have come through it, though. Tori's back at school today and Zoe is in the sun porch pretending to be Hannah Montana. All is well.

My feverish night left me with remnants of some pretty interesting dreams. About chickens, of course. I think it's coming down to this: we are going to go ahead and get ourselves some "illegal" chickens. Have you seen what the media is saying about Iowa egg operations? It's ugly. It's embarrassing. As if I wasn't already firmly planted in the land of NO GROCERY STORE EGGS.....

My little brood of egg-eaters is cracking six dozen a week right now. No Joke. If you buy "real" eggs at New Pioneer Coop (thanks, New Pi....for offering us "real" eggs) you pay around $6/dozen. Now, that may sound like a lot for eggs. But that's because we have been eating immortality itself. You should be paying $6/dozen for eggs. That's a fair price for knowing FOR SURE that the hens are treated well, fed well, and that the eggs themselves are actually going to nourish your family. OK, so we have about a $150/month of our food budget that should rightly be going to eggs. Luckily, I am acquainted with three small time farmers that keep chickens as pets and between the three of them, we can score eggs for between $1.50 and $2.50/dozen. That's very good for our food budget. I'm willing to pay more. If the cost of "real" eggs goes up, I'm still on board. Even if you don't have access to a hobby farmer with pet chickens, now that you know about where our grocery store eggs come from, you are obligated to stop buying them. It's an issue of moral behavior. We can become more aware and respectful of what's on our plates, or we can die while we maintain our entitled attitude towards what we eat.

I really like my kids, even when they are puking all over 1000 square feet of my home. I want them to live longer, better, and healthier than I have. I will not feed them crap.


  1. New Pi sells eggs for a range of prices. Farmers' Hen House eggs are $2.50. They are raised by Amish and Mennonite farmers in Iowa. Green Hills Harvest eggs are $5 and I think they come the closest to backyard chicken eggs. I agree that real eggs have flavor that factory eggs don't.

  2. :) My chicken-sources tell me that eggs that come from Amish and Mennonite farms may not be coming from happy chickens. Their barns are no different from the barns at the egg-factories. Thousands of chickens crammed together...
    I want eggs from Happy Chickens! The "good stuff" is seasonal and I'm glad to hear it's $5 now instead of $6! I'm such a cynic about the whole thing at this point. I like to meet the chickens face to face.

  3. Oh, and speaking of Amish....Years ago when I lived in northern Iowa, I put it together that the Amish women were buying frozen bread dough on sale at Fareway. No Joke. I mean it's funny, but I'm not Joking. :)

  4. We have a dozen hens in our backyard in the Amanas. I sell our surplus eggs for $1.50. Let me know if you want some!


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