Friday, May 21, 2010

9 Gold Medal Tomato plants

A package from Seedsavers in Decorah came yesterday. Apparently, someone ordered tomato starts when it was cold out. Highlander opened the box and was just as surprised as I was to find NINE Gold Medal Tomato Plants. There are also a couple of Green Zebras and a yellow sweet pepper plant. I have room for FOUR Gold Medal Tomato Plants, and that's pushing it. These things are indeterminate, which means they keep growing until the first frost. Last year, I had a plant that stretched out eleven feet. I'll give away a secret; these are the tomatoes that give us our gorgeous sunshine yellow Bloody Marys. The fruit is marbled with red and for a yellow tomato, has a really nice acidity to it. Listen to me. Tomato nerd.

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  1. I have room for five plants. Just sayin.....


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