Friday, May 28, 2010

The Fancy Girl's Closet

Mommy is moving. That's right. I'm putting my stuff in boxes and I'm moving. Right into the basement. We have the house I intended for us. It's just perfect. Except for the closet situation. Highlander uses the closet in our bedroom. And the dresser. And the floor. And the hooks on the wall. I use the closet in the girls' room and a little wicker basket that I keep by my bed. Inconvenient? You have no idea. The girls use their floor. I haul the clothes to the basement, wash, dry, fold, and haul them back upstairs. Then they end up on the floor in a big wrinkly pile. This causes me great distress. There are so many things I'd rather do than haul, wash, dry, fold, haul.....

So I moved. I took my stuff out of the little closet next door and moved into the laundry room. I have Luciano Pavarotti on my old time CD player, my favorite silly pictures of my kids (and of Genie), and all my clothes neatly lined up in a well lit space. How happy am I about this? Very.

That's where the Fancy Girl's Closet comes in. Zoe wants to be a Fancy Girl when she grows up. At this very moment in time, she has one pink eyelid and one blue one. This is very fancy. She has a mild obsession with tacky jewelry and insists on wearing her pink cowgirl boots every day. Even with shorts. This morning, she informed me that the closet in her room will now be known as The Fancy Girl Closet and she'll need the following things:

A drawer for her Fancy Box where she keeps all of her Fancy Things

A mirror as big as she is so she can see her boots.

A mirror for her head so she can put on her sparkly eye stuff

Hair that's a little longer so she can wear one whole puny tail, not two.

A lock. To keep Tori out because she's not very Fancy.

Rings. Sparkly Rings.

A spot for Charlie to lay so Charlie can watch her being Fancy. (Charlie is the dog. Charlie does not like to be made Fancy, but does watch Zoe become fancy with almost creepy interest.)

A cage for her chicken.

That last one makes me so proud.

So today, instead of doing any of the, oh, one million things I Should Be Doing to prepare for the Great Graduation Party on Sunday, I'm making a Fancy Girl's Closet with my four year old. Because I can.

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  1. Maybe instead of Genie, you should have a picture of Zady. She is fancier. ;)


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