Monday, May 3, 2010

New Mommy Emergency

My dear friend had to go back to work today after spending *exactly* six weeks with her newborn. The baby is in daycare. The mommy is at work.

Make the universe realign itself so that she's OK. Right this minute she is very sad. Things must change.

Send thoughts to make this happen. She's very new to her Mommy Super Powers and probably doesn't get exactly how they work yet. Extra support is called for.




  1. The positive side to this is I still have my discount at New Pi! ;)

    Another positive: She is making friends with four other cool little kids.

    Another Positive: Ta Ta is fun and is already teaching her Spanish.

    Another Positive: "Me" time at lunch.

    Another positive: I will be extra glad to see her at 5pm!

  2. well, that took seven hours. good job mommy!


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