Monday, June 14, 2010

Good! Morning!

Oh my. It looks more out of place in writing than it does when I say it. I'm on my fourth cup of coffee and I've taken my vitamins. I'd still like to go back to bed. While I'd like to blame the rain, I think it may be my personality. I'm much more effective (and cheerful) after 10am. The children are watching a movie. I'm about to out myself as a potential "bad parent."

My dear, sweet Highlander won a TV yesterday. This time last year, he won a TV. Last year's TV was big. We had been television shopping, and by "we" I mean he had been walking around the TV section of every store in town while I tagged along and pretended to have no idea what he was talking about when he said he wanted to buy a 42" HD compatible flat screen. Clueless.

Finally, I had to break it to him: Momma doesn't want a TV. At all. Momma isn't going to get on board with your one thousand dollar plan to outfit our home with HD. Momma's Out.

Four days after this conversation, in a fit of passive aggressive persistence, he won a 42" HD compatible flat screen at his company picnic. He was so sure he was winning the TV that he cleared out the trunk of his car before we left to make room for it. He was so sure he was winning the TV last year, that his intention lasted 52 weeks and he won another one this year. Luckily, it's the baby sister of the big Mama. At 22 inches, it's perfect for my bedroom. I may have adapted my tastes in leisure time activity since last summer. After HD, regular TV seems blurry. Momma's In.

Zoe was sure the TV was for her room. She looked stricken when she realized it was being installed in Momma's room.

So I went to the basement, retrieved the little old time non-HD TV and its little-used VCR, and installed it in the girls' room. My children are now watching their brother's favorite movie from his 5th year of life: The Fox and The Hound. They are in heaven. They are quiet. They are not fighting or whining or begging for breakfast (which is cooking right now and is extra great since Momma is not being harassed.)

Breakfast when Momma is not being harassed:
Extra cheesy crescent rolls with eggs over-easy, a banana, and strawberry lemonade.

Hooray. And also, I think my coffee just kicked in.

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