Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zoe goes Bowling

I know that makes no sense. But it just sums it all up for me right now. I work a lot these days and miss my children very much. Just this morning, I overheard this;

Tori: What's Mom doing?
Zoe: I think she's singing.
Tori: Those vitamins must be getting to her.

See? They crack me up. I feel like I Never See Them anymore!
Zoe is in preschool. It's an active preschool mostly attended by the children of stay at home Moms. Since I am no longer one of those, I have some difficulty with things like remembering what day which field trip is happening and whether or not I dropped the required $2.25 in to the jar for that and whether I "signed her up" for that and where they are going and also that I need to haul the car seat up three flights of stairs that day. The teachers are having a hard time hiding their "you really suck" faces lately. I deserve it. Not their fault.

So, between book orders, daily written reports, homework, school activities, conferences, emails, spelling tests, and the paperwork that grows in the night, I'm drowning.

One day last week after work, I went to the store, purchased 13 oranges, cut them up, bagged them, put them in the refrigerator, and took Tori to school with the treat box on the counter top and the oranges chilling in the crisper. I remembered this at 4:15pm. Bad Mom!!

I could go on....but my self esteem can't take it.

This work full time and be a responsible mother gig is very difficult.
So, in spite of the fact that we just had a major election and I probably should be blathering on about that, I'm going to go ahead and just say that moms who work full time and are trying to raise small children are carrying a lot.

Be nice to the minivans in traffic and the woman in high heels at the grocery store at 8pm.


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  1. I'm not sure how things appear these days, but I Zoe goes Bowling as I was going to check my emailt his morning and decided to click on it. Low and behold it's the Zoe I know.
    Sounds like you need a big hug, and no we are not hiding our Zoe's mom sucks faces.:) You are a wonderful mom, that is juggling a very busy life.
    We look forward to seeing you at least once a week and chatting with you. You and Zoe are very special to us and it will be hard to say good bye in May.
    Have a great day! janet


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