Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh. Good Lord.

I "took the day off!" Today.
Lotta good it did me....
I began the day by lecturing number one son on the merits of attending and participating in the ninth grade. I continued it with a spat involving my husband and our persistent inability to communicate where the business of running this house is concerned. Zoe wore flip flops to school on a field trip day. Tori packed her own lunch: juice box, peanut butter sandwich, cereal, tiny yogurt. Fruit??? Can I get a fruit?? Apparently, not.
It's hailing.
I was going to paint my Adirondack chairs and kill the invasive species in my front garden today!
Well, I cut up the seed potatoes anyway. The sugar snap peas are up and the asparagus plants are in. Progress....slow....
The brick house is very slowly keeping up with our ever growing family. By growing, I don't mean in numbers, but rather in height and weight. Know what else is growing? The grocery bill. I guess kids don't eat less as they get older. I bought 18 pounds of fruit and 12 pounds of meat on Saturday. It'll be gone by Friday.
Grow Garden! GROW!
That's all.

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