Friday, August 19, 2011

till school starts

I'm not getting much done down on the Urban Farm till school starts. The littlest one is headed off to Kindergarten next week, so I'll have some...alone time...
It doesn't seem quite possible.
What ever will I do. Laundry.
Yoga? Or dishes.
Then, tomatoes. Every year I get nervous when I see that our heirloom tomato plants have reached up over my head, but haven't managed to produce anything that looks like food. So I start going out a couple of times a day to stare at them. A few days ago, I started feeling confident that we are in fact going to be able to have some homegrown sauce to get us through winter. Such relief.
About the time we get settled into a routine I'll be spending my alone time in a hot kitchen full of jars and tomato goo. Ah, Heaven.

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